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Hi there, I'm Catt!
I'm an engineer/developer
based in Boston, MA

I'm an engineer/technical specialist with experience in business for tech and manufacturing

About Me

always reaching for more

Who I am

I’m a Boston based engineer working in technical implementation.

Prior to moving to Boston, I was a Business Development Manager in London, UK, at balena’s EtcherPro team.

I've worked in a lot of different industires in the past, but I've always found myself coming back to the tech industry. In 2022, I took time off to work on developing technical skills, so that I could contribute more value to the industry, and be more involved, understanding the implications of all the decisions that were being made in the industry.

I'm someone who cares deeply about world events, and making sure whatever I commit my energy to supports the direction in which I hope the world will go.

Work Experience

Paperless Parts Technical Implementation Specialist
Aug 2022 - June 2023 | Boston, MA

Set up pricing configurations for manufacturing job shops to automate their quoting process with a Python based language on our custom SaaS platform. Configure Linux on-premise IoT Intel NUC devices to integrate with SQL-based ERP systems and manage integrations from initial mapping to maintaining additional developments. Business Development Manager
Nov 2020 - Dec 2021 | London, UK

Managed product launch for sales of EtcherPro, marketing/customer communication, supply chain pipelines/component sourcing, and manufacturing for production/assembly line. Built sales team tool qualifying leads from signups leading to interesting partnerships including one with Coral AI Team Coordinator
Aug 2019 - Nov 2020 | London, UK

Created and managed hardware inventory, logistics for global shipping. Assisted engineers remotely for hardware projects - CI/CD set ups, board testing automation. Coordinated remote team events, contract negotiations, and in-person summits in Barcelona & London.

DaVinci Innovation Labs Sales Director
Aug 2016 - Feb 2017 | Taipei, Taiwan

Managed coding education company’s largest lab in Syntrend, Foxconn’s recreational tech mall. Created and implemented sales funnel and use of CRM to track all points in customer journey and perform data analysis on where customers were falling out, created and managed sales team strategy


The following are hard skills I've had experience in - either directly in work or building with projects. Click on the arrow to expand! (Note: there are more skills than there are icons)

  • Frontend Development

    React, HTML/HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Flexbox, Grid

  • Backend Development

    Node.js, Express.js, Python, Flask, Jinja, Git/GitHub, Command Line, OAuth, JWT, Postman, Heroku

  • Databases

    Mongoose, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

  • Other Skills

    Linux, logistics, supply chain coordination, e-commerce, email marketing, copywriting

  • Spoken Languages

    English (Native), Mandarin Chinese (Native), Italian (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent), Bulgarian (Beginner)


A selection of my projects and work

(Which thanks to Heroku changing its free tier, aren't deployed anymore, so really, this is just a placeholder, and a photo for what they looked like deployed)

React/MERN Stack Group project

git Together

Project Link

A social accountability GitHub project management app.
git Together aims to make your current project statuses incredibly visual and highly visible, so that you can complete your projects and have social accountability along the way. It features a dynamically updating progress bar to manage those tasks with full completion satisfaction

Flask/Jinja Python3 App

Archetypes Story Collector

Project Link

A Flask/Jinja based app collecting stories of archetypal patterns in daily life experiences, written in Python and data stored and updated with PostgreSQL.
The Archetypes Story Collector is a collection of stories people have with encounters of their four primary survival archetypes, which are universal to each individual. It aims to help us become more aware of our collective archetypes so that we can shift and grow through them.

MEN Stack App

Potluck Planner

Project Link

Potluck Planner was created with the intention to make use of CRUD functionality with storing and embedding/referencing data in mind. With the ability to login and view relevant information for a get together where many pieces of information need to be tracked, saved, and shared, any potluck would be able to benefit with this app being leveraged for planning purposes.

IoT/Embedded Hardware Project


Project Link

An inspirational e-ink display delivering a daily shot of encouragement through a quote or personalized message for you or your loved ones. Based on a Raspberry Pi Zero and e-ink display, Inkyshot is a perfect weekend project whether you’re completely new to IoT or an experienced developer.